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MA in the History and Theory of Art

Structure and Content

The Postgraduate Programme in the History and Theory of Art was designed to fill a long-standing need within the field of Humanities in Cypriot academia. In contrast to the centuries-long, rich in a gamut of influences artistic tradition of Cyprus, until recently there was an absence of the necessary institutional framework and methodological tools, which would have allowed a substantial, multifaceted analysis of the island’s cultural identity, especially with regard to the arts, including its connections both to Europe and the Middle East, within the wider Mediterranean milieu. An important novelty of the Master’s Programme is the situating of historical and theoretical studies within an international perspective.

 The mission of the programme is to sustain a high calibre research environment in the History and Theory of Art, from the early modernity to the contemporary era, in accordance with existing international standards. The programme’s vision is to offer, within the Humanities and, especially, regarding arts and culture, such a level of knowledge and theoretical tools that will enable its graduates to enter international academic institutions and the international job market.

Graduates of the programme, in addition to engaging in further studies for pursuing an academic career, will be equipped for curators’ careers in museums, public or private institutions and collections, as well as major cultural and research centres.


Full-time Study

Full-time study is structured on 3 semesters. Students attend 3 modules (30 ECTS) per semester for the first two semesters, while in the third semester, they enroll in another module (10 ECTS), in parallel with the preparation of the Thesis (20 ECTS).

At the same time, and in parallel with the preparation of their thesis, the prospective graduates attend complementary lectures and short seminars on various topics in History and Theory of Art, offered by teaching and research staff of the Postgraduate Programme, as well as by guest professors in relevant fields, from universities, museums or other institutions in Cyprus and abroad.


Part-time Study

Part-time study is structured on 5 semesters. Students may choose 1-2 modules per semester, for four semesters, to complete the first six modules. The Art Methodology and Historiography module must be completed in the first semester of study. In the fifth semester, they must successfully complete their Thesis.

The Curriculum is structured on the basis of three pillars. In order to successfully complete the Postgraduate Programme, students must attend all modules of the three pillars: two [2] First Pillar modules (Art-Historical Analysis), two [2] Second Pillar modules (Theory and Critical Analysis), and three [3] Third Pillar modules (Art Methodology and Historiography/ History of Aesthetic Ideas / Special Topics.

All modules in the Postgraduate Programme are credited with 10 European Credit Units (ECTS), while the Thesis is credited with 20 ECTS. 


MA in the History and Theory of Art

Table of Courses – Full-time Programme

Course code

Course title



FAR 550

Theory and Critical Analysis I


FAR 570

History of Aesthetic Ideas


FAR 572

Art Methodology and Historiography





FAR 540

Art Historical Analysis I


FAR 551

Theory and Critical Analysis II


FAR 571

Special Topics





FAR 541

Art Historical Analysis II


FAR 560









Code ΧΧΧ:

First digit = Year [Post-graduate]

Second digit = Thematic Unit

Third digit = Serial Number


Code x4x = Art History Courses

Code x5x = Theory and Critical Analysis Courses

Code x6x = Postgraduate Thesis

Code x7x = Philosophy and Aesthetics / Methodology-Historiography / Special Topics Courses



Admission procedure

Holders of a degree from a recognized university, or holders of a degree that has been considered equivalent to a University degree by the Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KY.S.A.T.S.) are eligible to apply for a Master's Degree. Also, undergraduate students who are expected to be awarded a university degree before the beginning of the Master’s programme can also apply for this programme.

Candidates are informed of the results of their application by receiving a message at the electronic address they provided upon submission of their application and through the University Portal.

Advance Payment is required to secure a position. This amount is non refundable.

See here the amount of the deposit and the fees payment method.   

Applications along with supporting documents are submitted electronically via the University Portal. Create your application here .  

For a complete application, candidates must submit electronically the following:

Photocopy of ID card or passport.                      

Curriculum vitae                    

• Photocopies of university degrees (or a document certifying that the university degree will be obtained before the beginning of the postgraduate programme).                       


A cover letter (about 500 words) in which the candidate explains the reasons for choosing the postgraduate programme and describes his/her academic and research interests in relation to his / her future career plans.                       

Letters of recommendation are NOT necessary. Students are only requested to provide two names and their contact details, who can provide a reference, and the Department will contact them if deemed necessary.                      

Certificate of Greek Language Proficiency: the Leaving certificate from a recognized six-year secondary education school of Greece or Cyprus, or a high school having Greek as main teaching language is the only acceptable evidence of Greek language proficiency.   

The Department may request additional confidential information from the applicant as well as adopt any additional criteria it deems necessary. 

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