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Studies start in September 2024

Deadline for applications: Friday, 19th of April 2024 (11:59 p.m.)

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Research Topic Title:


Airlines and Tourism: implications on Regional Development

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The PhD thesis involves in-depth academic research into the interrelationship between airlines and tourism, to highlight the regional impact and development of destinations.



Required Qualifications:

Candidates should possess an undergraduate degree and an MSc, MA, or MBA from accredited universities in at least one of the following subject areas: Tourism and/or Hotel Management, Business Administration/Management, Marketing, Economics, or other studies relevant to the topic. In addition, candidates should exhibit strong analytical skills, an excellent command of the English language, and a very good command of computer skills. The thesis will be delivered in English, and the successful candidate should be able to register full-time.

Research Advisor:



Sotiroula Liasidou


Assistant Professor




Scientific field (Title):

Political Economy and Tourism

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In many ways, the neoclassical economics approach has led to an overly simplistic and superficial understanding of the tourism phenomenon, which is predominantly based on market-oriented issues. Research agendas has been dominated by academics and practitioners promoting neoliberal tourism as an accelerator of short-term economic growth. Accordingly, there is a large underestimation of issues related to social (and environmental) issues caused by the growth of economic and spatial inequalities resulting from tourism, the power relations involved, and the labour precarity that is caused by the seasonality of the tourism and hospitality industry. In general, tourism externalities have not been thoroughly examined in the international literature on sustainability and tourism.

The purpose of these two doctoral positions is to contribute to the filling of some of these research gaps in the international literature to some extent. In this regard, this call addressed to candidate PhD researchers who are committed to promoting a change in the distortions brought about by the unsustainable tourism growth. This will be accomplished through novel empirical research, whose results will serve as a catalyst for redefining tourism. The PhD candidates for these two doctoral theses are required to undertake extensive academic research, utilising both quantitative and qualitative empirical methodological approaches, which will lead to scientific findings.

Candidates with a background in Economics and/or Political Economy are invited to apply for PhD student positions.

Throughout this PhD programme, empirical methods and methodological tools are taught in a comprehensive and in-depth manner. It is important to note that due to the nature of the specific field, these positions require full-time commitment to in-depth research.

All applications must be submitted online, in English, and must include the following information:

  • A motivation letter: A brief statement of your intention to pursue a PhD in this field, as well as your career goals.
  • Research proposal: A research proposal (1000 words) should include a brief description of the proposed research topic, research questions, and methodology for implementing the proposed PhD research.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): A description of the academic and professional background, research experience, as well as any relevant publications or projects.


PhD students who are selected will have the opportunity to be funded as teaching assistants or research associates, as well as apply for internal (and/or external) excellence fellowships and/or participate in funded research projects.


Required qualifications:

Candidates should have a strong academic background and excellent academic performance. Bachelor's and Master's degrees (MSc/MA/MBA) from a recognized university in a relevant field of Political Economy or Economics, or other highly relevant related studies, are required.

The applicant should have a strong commitment to research related to the topic under consideration, as evidenced by documented research activity (such as scientific publications and/or presentations at scientific conferences and/or active participation in research programs). Additionally, they should possess experience and skills in the design of research projects, the collection and analysis of quantitative and/or qualitative data, and the use of quantitative and qualitative research software (SPSS, STATA, R, NVivo, etc.).

Since the doctoral thesis will be written in English, the candidates should have excellent knowledge of the English language, which should be demonstrated by recognized certificates.

Academic supervisor:



 Dr. Petros Kosmas