From Data Acquisition to Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies in Cultural Heritage (project)
ID Paper Title Author
10Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Balinese Kulkul Artefact and PracticesCokorda Pramartha
21Surveying Illusory Architectures Painted on Vaulted SurfacesMatteo Flavio Mancini
23The Application of Photogrammetry on Digitization and Promotion for Monuments and Temples in Taiwan - Taking Chua Family Ancestral Temple as an ExampleWun-Bin Yang
263D Acquisition, Processing and Visualization of Archaeological Artifacts - The Samarra Collection of the Museum for Islamic Art BerlinArie Kai-Browne
52PHOTOCONSORTIUM: digitizing Europe’s photographic heritageFrederik Truyen
60First Experiences of Applying a Model Classification for Digital 3D Reconstruction in the Context of Humanities ResearchSander Münster
62Internal 3D Printing of Intricate StructuresThéophane Nicolas
67Interconnecting Objects, Visitors, Sites and (Hi)Stories across Cultural and Historical Concepts: the CrossCult projectCostas Vassilakis
73Towards Monuments’ Holistic Digital Documentation - The Saint Neophytos Enkleistriotis Case StudyMarinos Ioannides
Innovative methods on Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Protection of Cultural Heritage (project)
ID Paper Title Author
69Disaster-Risk indicators and their evaluation, communication for traditional settlementAlex Ya-Ning Yen
71Pervasive Wireless Sensor Networks for the Monitoring of Large Monumental Structures: the case of the Ancient City Walls of SienaAlessandro Pozzebon
The New Era of Museums and Exhibitions-Digital Engagement and Dissemination (project)
ID Paper Title Author
40Imaging Novecento. A Mobile App for Automatic Recognition of Artworks and Transfer of Artistic StylesFederico Becattini
63Towards the Design of a User-Friendly and Trustworthy Mobile System for MuseumsKostas Koukoulis
3D Reconstruction and Modelling (project)
ID Paper Title Author
28Debate and Considerations on Using Videos for Cultural Heritage from Social Media for 3D ModellingKyriacos Themistocleous
57Investigations of Low-Cost Systems for 3D Reconstruction of Small ObjectsThomas Kersten
66Digital 3D reconstructed models – Structuring visualisation project workflowsMieke Pfarr-Harfst
Non Destructive Techniques and Digital Applications for Materials' Preservation and Conservation in Cultural Heritage (project)
ID Paper Title Author
61Pigments identification using Raman Spectroscopy of the 16th Century Printed Book "Osorio"Igor Lukačević
76Design and application of a data system for the comparative study of historic mortarsVasiliki Pachta
78GIS applications for a new approach to the analysis of panel paintingsLaura Baratin
Novel Approaches to Landscapes in Cultural Heritage (project)
ID Paper Title Author
44Observing landscape changes around the Nicosia old town center using multi-temporal datasetsBranka Cuca
53Towards the Sustainable Development of Cultural Landscapes through Two Case Studies on Different ScaleEirini Chrysovalantou Papageorgiou
59The fortification system of the city of Urbino: the case study of Valbona Gate from 3D surveys to GIS applications for dynamic mapsSara Bertozzi
Community-Oriented Heritage Conservation using Open Source Inventory System—Arches-HIPJihn-Fa Jan
Heritage Building Information Model (HBIM) (project)
ID Paper Title Author
39Training schools for conservation of cultural heritage: between expertise, management and educationAnna Lobovikov-Katz
22Digital tools for heritage preservation and enhancement: the integration of processes and technologies on 20th century buildings in Brazil and IndiaLuca Rossato
58From integrated survey to the parametric modeling of degradations. A feasible workflowMassimiliano Lo Turco
72INCEPTION Standard for Heritage BIM ModelsPeter Bonsma
74From SfM to semantic-aware BIM objects of architectural elementsMassimiliano Lo Turco
Development of knowledge model for heritage buildingsAndrej Tibaut
A Digital Infrastructure for Managing 3D Cultural Monuments: The 3D-Icons CaseChristodoulos Chamzas
56Acquisition and Processing Experiences of Close Range UAV Images for the 3D Modeling of Heritage BuildingsArnadi Murtiyoso
Digital Cultural Heritage in Education, Learning and Training (project)
ID Paper Title Author
34Contextualizing 3D Cultural HeritageJames Lloyd
38Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage: from 3D modeling to the engagement of young generationsLaura Inzerillo
48Educational creative use and reuse of digital cultural heritage data for Cypriot UNESCO monumentsMarinos Ioannides
70Time-travelling with Mobile Augmented Reality: a Case Study on the Piazza dei MiracoliMihai Duguleana
Visualisation, VR and AR and Serious Games (project)
ID Paper Title Author
18‘Translation’ and fruition of an ancient book through virtual reality in the case of lost cultural heritage - Case study: “Inscriptiones” by Emmanuel ThesaurusSanaz Davardoust
29An Interdisciplinary study on the ancient Egyptian Wines: The Egywine ProjectMaria Rosa Guasch-Jané
42Project iMARECULTURE: Advanced VR, iMmersive serious games and Augmented REality as tools to raise awareness and access to European underwater CULTURal heritagEDimitrios Skarlatos
46ArchaeoInside: Multimodal Visualization of Augmented Reality and Interaction with Archaeological ArtifactsManuella Kadar
54DICE: Digital Immersive Cultural EnvironmentStelios Thomopoulos
65Immersivity and playability evaluation of a game experience in Cultural HeritageRoberto Andreoli
68Tirolcraft: The quest of children to playing the role of planners at a heritage protected townBruno Amaral de Andrade
75Pervasive Game Utilizing WiFi Fingerprinting-based LocalizationFilip Maly