From Data Acquisition to Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies in Cultural Heritage (short)
ID Paper Title Author
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Innovative methods on Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Protection of Cultural Heritage (short)
ID Paper Title Author
45The Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites from Geo-Hazards: the PROTHEGO projectKyriacos Themistocleous
The New Era of Museums and Exhibitions-Digital Engagement and Dissemination (short)
ID Paper Title Author
1Digital Technologies in the Museum: Same Old, Same Old?Inge Kalle-den Oudsten
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75Paintings Alive: A Virtual Reality-Based Approach for Enhancing the User Experience of Art Gallery VisitorsStavros Panayiotou
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84Immersive digital heritage experience with the use of interactive technologyMarinos Ioannides
76The culture of epigraphy: from historic breakthrough to digital successPantelis Nigdelis
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3D Reconstruction and Modelling (short)
ID Paper Title Author
79Definition of a workflow for web browsing of 3D models in archaelogyAndrea Scianna
3D measurement of osteological remains using fringe projectionPetros Stavroulakis
Non Destructive Techniques and Digital Applications for Materials' Preservation and Conservation in Cultural Heritage (short)
ID Paper Title Author
13Application of digital technologies in the restoration of historic buildings and heritage objects - A selection of practical examplesYves Vanhellemont
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Use of 3d digital model for estimation of composition of medieval coinsJaroslav Valach
Novel Approaches to Landscapes in Cultural Heritage (short)
ID Paper Title Author
73Geological Heritage and conservation: a case study of the visual axis through digital terrain modelingPedro Casagrande
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Digital Cultural Heritage in Education, Learning and Training (short)
ID Paper Title Author
8Establishing a remote sensing science center in Cyprus: first year of activities of ATHENA projectDiofantos Hadjimitsis
Visualisation, VR and AR and Serious Games (short)
ID Paper Title Author
46Experiencing Cultural Heritage Sites Using 3D Modeling for the Visually Impaired Kyriacos Themistocleous
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85Differences of Field Dependent/Independent Gamers on Cultural Heritage Playing: Preliminary Findings of an Eye-Tracking StudyGeorge Raptis
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Intangible Heritage Digital Documentation (short) and DARIAH-CY Workshop
ID Paper Title Author
12The Europeana Sounds Music Information Retrieval PilotAlexander Schindler
82Exploiting agriculture as an Intangible Cultural Heritage: the case of the Farfalla ProjectAlessandro Pozzebon