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Home AgendaBooklet Opening CeremonyWorkshops Full Papers Project Papers Short Papers USB Materials Main Authors
ALL Fri 02/11 Sat 03/11
ALL Fri 02/11 Sat 03/11
Reconstructing the Past (Short Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
S102Supporting Automatic Extraction of HBIM FeaturesJavier Román Cembranos
S137Three Dimensional Modeling and Analysis of Ancient Indian StructuresNamratha Reddy Kondam
S139A framework for semantic interoperability in 3D Tangible Cultural Heritage in TaiwanChiao-Ling Kuo
S144Reconstructing the Historic Landscape of Larochette, LuxembourgMarleen de Kramer
S120Digital preservation of the Nottingham Ichthyosaur using fringe projectionPetros Stavroulakis
S113Resilience and Preservation of Cultural Heritage after Natural Disasters: case study of city of Volos, GreeceMaria Brouzgou
Visualisation, VR&AR Methods and Applications (Short Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
S142The Epigraphic Museum of Athens RevisitedDr. Athanassios Themos
S143A Roman in VeniceGaia Trombin
S141Virtual Reality for Cultural Heritage Monuments – From 3D Data Recording to Immersive VisualisationThomas P. Kersten
S135A project for Museo Civico Castello Ursino in Catania: breaking through museum walls and unlocking collections to everyoneCettina Santagati
S134Archaeological Landscape HeritageBiancardi Michela
S122A Case Study of Digital Preservation of Motion capture for Bā Jiā Jiāng performance, Taiwan Religious Performing ArtsYun-Sheng Syu
S115Interactive Media Art Based on Location and Motion Tracking of Multi-performershaeyeon Won
S114Ego-centric Recording Framework for Korean Traditional Crafts MotionEunsol Jeong
S138Digital workflow for Virtual and Augmented visit of Architecturececilia maria bolognesi
S133Usage Scenarios and Evaluation of Augmented Reality and Social Services for LibrariesDimitrios Koukopoulos
S112Evaluating the Impact of a Virtual Reality Application in Raising Awareness Toward the Destruction of Cultural Heritage SitesChristos Hadjipanayi
S147Using Linked Data for Prosopographical Research of Historical Persons: Case U.S. Congress LegislatorsGoki Miyakita
S123CHISTA: Cultural Heritage Information Storageand reTrieval ApplicationGeorge Raptis
Digital Applications for Materials Preservation in Cultural Heritage (Short Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
S136Ancient Sandbox Technique: An Experimental Study using Piezoelectric SensorsTrishala Daka
S130Application of non-destructive techniques (Raman spectroscopy and XRF) into an icon by Michael DamaskinosNikolaos Gkoultas
S131Pigments identification in oil paintings of 18th – 19th century from the Museum of Post-Byzantine Art of Zakynthos using Raman spectroscopy and XRFKaterina Koutliani
S109A status quaestionis and future solutions for using multi-light reflectance imaging approaches for preserving cultural heritage artifactsVincent Vanweddingen
Digital Cultural Heritage Learning & Experiences (Short Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
S150e-HERITAGE Project - building a cultural heritage excellence center in the Eastern europe Duguleană Mihai
S132Migration Experiences: Acknowledging the Past, and Sustaining the Present and FuturePaul Arthur
S146A Progressive Web Application on Ancient Roman Empire Coins and Relevant Historical Figures with Graph DatabaseKun Hu
S148Multidisciplinary experiences of virtual heritage for the documentation of architecture and archaeology within the DigitCH groupPaola Puma
S140Is E-learning really Flexible? Ideas for Building Effective Interactive Learning Environments for Cultural HeritageAfroditi Kamara
S108"Automatic Verification Framework of 3D Scan Data for Museum Collections"Jeong-eun Oh
S151"A Delivery Model for Cultural Heritage Services in Smart Cities Environments"Konstantina Siountri
S152"Comparative analysis of inspection and diagnosis tools for ancient buildingsJoana Gonçalves
S153"Spaces and Cultural Assets of the Autonomous National University of Mexico"Catalina Naumis