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ALL Thu 01/11 Fri 02/11
ALL Thu 01/11 Fri 02/11
3D Digitisation, Reconstruction, Modelling and HBIM (Project Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
P7Research and communication of urban history in 4D using historical photographs – a status report of the research group UrbanHistory4DFerdinand Maiwald
P343D Survey and Structural Modelling: the Case of the San Giovanni Baptistery in FlorenceGrazia Tucci
P713D Documentation and Visualisation of the Forum Romanum: The DHARMA Forum ProjectKrupali Krusche
P72The Reconstruction of Urartu Buildings of Altıntepe in Virtual Environment: The Temple Altıntepe Virtualization ExampleSerap Kuşu
P39A new enhancement filtering approach for the automatic vector conversion of the UAV photogrammetry outputMaria Alicandro
P69The Spatial Form of Traditional Taiwanese Townhouses: A Case Study of Dihua Street in Taipei CityTung-Ming Lee
P63A digital workflow for Built Heritage:from SCAN-to-BIM process to the VR-tour of the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio in MilanFabrizio Banfi
P51BIM Modelling of Ancient BuildingsAndrea Scianna
P49Accessing and understanding Cultural Heritage through users experience within the INCEPTION projectFederica Maietti
P30Digital Interpretation and Presentation for Monuments- Take Kinmen Area Heritage built by ARCHES as an ExampleWun-Bin Yang
P20HBIM in Cultural Heritage Conservation: component library for woodwork in historic buildings in TaiwanYing-Mei Cheng
P52Panoramic image application for cultural heritageMaarten Bassier
P54Cultural Heritage Digitization & Copyright IssuesAthina Chroni
P73The first attend for a holistic HBIM documentation of UNESCO WHL monument: The Case Study of Asinou Church in CyprusKyriacos Themistocleous
Digital Cultural Heritage - Smart Technologies (Project Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
P25Smart Tourism Routes Based on Real Time Data and Evolutionary AlgorithmsMário Amorim
P37Art Nouveau Danube Digital RepositoryFranc J. Zakrajšek
P65A Consortium Blockchain System for Verifying Digital Contents on Traditional CostumesEun-jin Kim
P5eDIRICA: Digitizing Cultural Heritage for Learning, Creativity, and InclusivenessOlufemi Adetunji
P68THREADS: A digital storytelling multi-stage installation on industrial heritageEriana Panopoulou
P60Documentation Strategy for Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in Cultural Heritage Institutions: Mak Yong Performing Art CollectionMazlina Pati Khan
The New Era of Museums & Exhibitions (Project Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
P70Metadata standards for virtual museumsStella Sylaiou
P14Coroplastic Studies through 3d Technology: The Case of Terracotta Figurines from Plakomenos, GreeceDimitra Sarri
P13Tell the Story of Ancient Thracians through Serious GameDesislava Paneva-Marinova
P11New Cross/Augmented Reality Experiences For the Virtual Museums of the FutureEfstratios Geronikolakis
P613D Models and Virtual Tours for a Museum Exhibition of Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Exhibits and SitesThomas P. Kersten
P62An Augmented Reality Mobile App for Museums: Virtual Restoration of a Plate of GlassAndrea F. Abate
P64Touring the Forum Adiectum of Augusta Emerita in a virtual reality experienceEmiliano Pérez
P67A Semantically-Enriched Digital Portal for the Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage with Community ParticipationCokorda Pramartha
P57Towards a mobile crowdsourcing system for collective memory managementKonstantinos Koukoulis
Digital Cultural Heritage Infrastructure (Project Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
P3PHOTOCONSORTIUM: opening up the riches of Europe's Photographic HeritageValentina Bachi
P9Digital 3D reconstruction projects and activities in the German-speaking countriesSander Münster
P12Towards a Global Infrastructure for Digital Cultural HeritageNadezhda Povroznik
P53The Role of Heritage Data Science in Digital HeritageAlejandra Albuerne
P50Interdisciplinarity of cultural heritage conservation making and makers: through diversity towards compatibility of approachesAnna Lobovikov-Katz
P58Capitalize on the experience of the ATHENA project for Cultural Heritage for the Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence for the benefit of the East Med regionDiofantos G. Hadjimitsis
P59On the Pathway to Success: Becoming a Leading Earth Observation Centre through the EXCELSIOR ProjectDiofantos G. Hadjimitsis
P6The Role of Information and Communication Technologies for Enhancing Access to Cultural Content (The example of Bulgaria)Mariela Modeva
Non Destructive Techniques in Cultural Heritage Conservation (Project Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
P66Contribution of e-Documentation to Technical Rescue Works and Conservation of the Mural Painting of the Dome of Blessed Ladislaus' Chapel in St. Anne's Church in WarsawKatarzyna Górecka
P56On the integration of digital 2D and 3D survey models for the geometrical configuration and the damage assessment of a medieval building in VeniceAntonella Manzo
P55A methodology for the inspection and monitoring of the roof tiles and concrete components of the Sydney Opera HouseGianluca Ranzi
P31Inventarisation and non-invasive investigation in the Bieliński Palace in Otwock WielkiAgnieszka Kaliszewska
P33Digital Preservation and Record of War Fortifications - A Case Study of Qiong-Lin Defense Tunnel in TaiwanWun-Bin Yang
P26Digitizing the building site for restoration projects: from ALM technologies to innovative material scenariosMarco Medici
E-Humanities (Project Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
P10Chronologicon Hibernicum: A Probabilistic Chronological Framework for Dating Early Irish Language Developments and LiteratureFangzhe Qiu
P8Ancient Asian Character Recognition for Literature Preservation and UnderstandingLin Meng
P42Preservation and Management of Greek Dialectal DataEleni Galiotou
P15Unlocking Potential Knowledge Hidden in RubbingLin Meng