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Home AgendaBooklet Opening CeremonyWorkshops Full Papers Project Papers Short PapersUSB Materials Main Authors
ALL Tue 30/10
ALL Tue 30/10
3D Digitisation, Reconstruction, Modelling and HBIM (Full Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
F57Visualization of the Past-to-Recent Changes in Cultural Heritage based on 3D DigitizationNaoki Mori
F60Treatise of digital reconstruction and restauration of porcelain laceLien Acke
F6Towards the definition of workflows for automation in HBIM generationMattia Previtali
F11Direct numerical analysis of historical structures represented by point cloudsLászló Kudela
F25HBIM feeding OpenAccess vault inventory through GeoDB HUBRaffaella Brumana
F5SCANtoHBIM-post earthquake preservation: informative model as sentinel at the crossroads of present, past, and future.Raffaella Brumana
Innovative Technologies in Digital Cultural Heritage (Full Papers)
ID Paper Title Author
F51The Use of CT Scans and 3D Modeling as a Powerful Tool to Assist Fossil Vertebrate TaxonomyGeorge Theodorou
F46i-Wall: A Low-Cost Interactive Wall for Enhancing Visitor Experience and Promoting Industrial Heritage in MuseumsChristina Gkiti
F37Historical buildings affected by failures. The case of the Basilica di Collemaggio in L’AquilaLorenzo Cantini
F24UGESCO - A hybrid platform for geo-temporal enrichment of digital photo collections based on computational and crowdsourced metadata generationSteven Verstockt
F31Using Biographical Texts as Linked Data for Prosopographical Research and ApplicationsMinna Tamper
F22Maintaining a Linked Data Cloud and Data Service for Second World War HistoryMikko Koho
F58Design of an Interactive Experience Journey in a Renovated Industrial Heritage SiteMaria Gaitanou
F21Simulation of an Archaeological Disaster: Reassembling a Fragmented Amphora using the Thickness Profile MethodChristos-Nikolaos E. Anagnostopoulos
F38The Orion Pottery Repository – A publicly available 3D Objects’ benchmark database with texture informationChristodoulos Chamzas
F14Automatic Identification of Relations in Quebec Heritage DataAmal ZOUAQ
F8Understanding Historical Cityscapes from Aerial Imagery through Machine LearningEvangelos Maltezos
F12Origin determination of Mediterranean marbles by Laser Induced FluorescenceValeria Spizzichino
F32Personalized Heritage Museum Guide for Married Immigrant WomenHyeweon Kim
F71Personality analysis of social media influencers as a tool for cultural institutionsVassilis Poulopoulos
F53Study of effectiveness of treatment by nanolime of the altered calcarenite stones of the archeological site of Volubilis (Morocco)Dalal Badreddine