Full Papers - Monday 29 October 2012

14:00-15:00 Innovative topics related to the current and future implementation, use, development and exploitation of the EU CH Identity Card DEMETRA Room
ID Title Authors Abstract
54 Identity Card of Cultural Heritage: How to Collect and Organize Data Roko Žarnić1, Vlatka Rajčić2, Antonia Moropoulou3 Show/Hide
18 An enhanced distributed Repository for working with 3D Assets in Cultural Heritage Xueming Pan1, Thomas Schiffer1, Martin Schröttner1, René Berndt2, Martin Hecher2,Sven Havemann1, Dieter W. Fellner1,3 Show/Hide
44 A Contribution to a Unified Approach in Policy Making through Documenting Cultural Heritage Barbara Vodopivec1, Rand Eppich2, Ingval Maxwell3, Alessandra Gandini2Roko Žarnić1 Show/Hide
15:30-17:30 Virtual Reality in Archaeology and Historical Research Aphrodite and Posidon Rooms
ID Title Authors Abstract
22 3D Heritage on mobile devices: future scenarios and opportunities Karina Rodriguez Echavarria, Jaime Kaminski, David Arnold Show/Hide
45 Virtual Reconstructions in a Desktop Planetarium for Demonstrations in Cultural Astronomy Georg Zotti1,2 and Wolfgang Neubauer2,1 Show/Hide
57 Augmented reality for archaeological finds Belén Jiménez Fernández-Palacios, Alessandro Rizzi, Francesco Nex Show/Hide
73 Virtual Heritage: Exploring Photorealism Hafizur Rahaman1, Rana Das2, Shehzad Zahir2 Show/Hide
42 Virtual Architectural 3D Model of the Imperial Cathedral (Kaiserdom) of Königslutter, Germany through Terrestrial Laser Scanning Thomas P. Kersten and Maren Lindstaedt Show/Hide
15:30-17:30 2D and 3D GIS in Cultural Heritage DEMETRA Room
ID Title Authors Abstract
58 On-line Spectral Learning in Exploring 3D Large Scale Geo-referred Scenes Nikolaos Doulamis1, Christos Yiakoumettis2 and George Miaoulis2 Show/Hide
25 An Information System for Medieval Archaeology based on photogrammetry and archaeological database: the Shawbak Castle Project Pierre Drap1, Djamal Merad1, Julien Seinturier1, Jean-Marc Boï1, Daniela Peloso1,Guido Vannini2, Michele Nucciotti2, Elisa Pruno2 Show/Hide
53 Towards an Archaeological Index: Identification of the Spectral Regions of Stress Vegetation due to Buried Archaeological Remains Athos Agapiou1, Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis1, Andreas Georgopoulos2, Apostolos Sarris3 and Dimitrios D. Alexakis1 Show/Hide
13 Historical Social Housing: Smart Analysis and Design for Conservation and Energy Regeneration Elena Gigliarelli1, Donato Carlea2,1, Angela Corcella2, Heleni Porfyriou3 Show/Hide
17:45-19:30 Digital Data Acquisition Technologies and Data Processing in Cultural Heritage DEMETRA Room
ID Title Authors Abstract
43 Image-Based Low Cost Systems for Automatic 3D Recording and Modelling of Archaeological Finds and Objects Thomas P. Kersten and Maren Lindstaedt Show/Hide
78 Photogrammetric Point Cloud Collection with Multi-Camera Systems Dieter Fritsch, Mohammed Abdel-Wahab, Alessandro Cefalu, Konrad Wenzel Show/Hide
47 Prospecting archaeological landscapes Immo Trinks1, Wolfgang Neubauer1,2 and Michael Doneus3,2,1 Show/Hide
65 Multispectral Image Acquisition of Ancient Manuscripts Fabian Hollaus, Melanie Gau and Robert Sablatnig* Show/Hide
79 Low-cost and open-source solutions for automated image orientation – a critical overview Fabio Remondino1, Silvio Del Pizzo2, Thomas Kersten3, Salvatore Troisi2 Show/Hide
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